‘Dorothy’s Theory’ was born for the London 48 Hour Film Project, a competition in which you write, shoot and edit a movie in 48 hours.


What we created - we hope you will agree - is a beautiful story of love and loss, strength and support, all told from the perspective of 9 year old Dorothy.


We are Mark Arrigo and Steven Chatterton, best friends with a big mission and this is our first creative collaboration.


We both fell in love with film from the earliest age. Cinema raised us, along with our strong mothers. Steve comes from a background of story and performance, Mark’s skill lies in cinematography and visual art. Together we have an appetite for telling grown-up stories from a child’s perspective. For capturing the magic of youth against the grittiness of the world.


‘Dorothy’s Theory’ and the 48HFP came to us like a gift. This is the first of many films we will create that are aligned to our principles. We are on a mission.