We regularly mentor with local children and are firmly aligned to the principles this has taught us. We intend to combine our appetite for visual storytelling with these principles, namely, to provide creative opportunities for kids to dream big. To place them at the heart of projects with great production value and a narrative soul that will echo around the world.


In ‘Dorothy’s Theory’ our plan from the beginning was to embody these mentoring principles hence our casting choices. We met 9 year old Zazie at a local community theatre and combined her with Yasemin Kay Allen, a vastly experienced actress of film and TV, and Ninette Finch who since retiring has been involved in over 1000 productions. We watched Zazie grow in confidence through this experience and we’re so glad to have created her first leading role. We believe the future is bright for this little star.


In subsequent projects we want to create the same dynamic while telling empowering stories of childrens’ resourcefulness. It's a big mission but one close to our hearts. It's going to be an adventure.